My biggest dream for the future

This is my biggest dream for the future.

Would you like to see the inside battle plan, my biggest dream for the future and roll out strategy of My Dreams?

Where are we heading with this project?

What does the Ideal Scene look like?

I am going to illustrate what I have envisioned for this tool and what I intent to create world wide with what we are doing.

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My biggest dream for the future.

My Dream is Social Media In Action

How so?

I very much try to stay away from social media. Many people talk about what is happening on facebook and what was posted on Instagram. Also a lot of hype about the power of facebook advertising, which of course is what every third of forth post in Instagram is. But I too am guilty of venturing in there and realizing it is way too late at night.

And once I get in there, it is quite hard to get out. It is very addictive and great entertainment. But for the greater majority, that is exactly what it is. Addictive and entertainment.

Again, guilty as charged for spending too much time in this medium and staying up too late as a consequence.

But I am sure that those who are dominating these social medias are not doing the same. I witness the great success of Grant and Elena Cardone. These two are absolutely in the zone. How do they find such time to create so much content as well as do what they do?

Not by spending too much time on facebook and instagram. Absolutely not. They are very carefully spending their time dominating these platforms, building their followings and providing more and more freedom for themselves. And very much so for those who are following their lead. A couple of days ago there was a great instagram of a young guy walking up to thank Grant for the guidance he had given him. 27 Years Old and a happy young millionaire.

Alright! This is a taste of Social Media in Action.

So what would be the difference in My Dreams? What is Social Media in Action?

Metaverse is coming folks. This is full 3D Virtual Reality stuff. Ever played a Virtual Reality Game on XBox or Play Station? It is really real. I mean, REALLY REAL! This is the future of Metaverse. There will be millions in this space. 3D helmets on. Virtual suites on, perceiving the sensations of this virtual universe.

Do I want my kids, grand kids and future generations to be experiencing life through a helmet in a universe designed by who ever is the author of the game?

No! And I hope that you don’t either.

But MetaVerse is coming whether we like it of not.

The bad part of this technology is without a doubt, there will be millions of human beings in this arena. Realities will be changed forever and a perception of the true physical universe will become more and more a thing of the past.

And why go outside when you can have the universe of your dreams. The coolest looks, the hottest girlfriend, the best real estate and the coolest car. Flying Car! Just Fun Fun Fun and more and more cool stuff to do.

But again, what happens to the real world?

Social Media in Action!

This is our responsibility to ensure we know how to stay outside of this game and how to use this technology for the greatest of our advantage.

Here is the good part. Imagine:

With the use of an Avatar, we will be able to try on all types of clothing and see exactly how we are going to look. And without even having to visit the store, the clothes will arrive. Perfect fit and looking good.

Working with an architect to design that new ideal home. Check back with him maybe only days later to do a virtual walk through checking over for design adjustments. “How will this room be with the afternoon sun?” “How will the light be on this side of the house in winter?”

All questions fully answered with a virtual walk through until finally, the button is pushed on the plan approvals and this new ideal home goes into production.

Then we get to the build. It all trucks across in a container and just about self assembles in a matter of hours. Or more so, the 3D printer arrives on a drone and just prints out the full completed home in a matter of hours.


This is cool stuff. We are gonna see an aesthetic change to this planet in ways we only ever imagined.

What will you choose. Social media as a spectator and consumer or Social Media in Action.

The spectator pretends to surf with a virtual helmet. The Social Media in Action surfer is surfing for real and sharing it with the world.

We want to hear your story. We want to see how cool you can move.

Let My Dreams take you there. Real Dreams, Shared Success.

Let’s take it outside. There are enough spectators.

Love you and wish you all the greatest success in this new universe already well on the way.

This is my biggest dream for the future


This is my biggest dream for the future
Happy Couple, Mike and Maureen King

Mike King.

Founder and CEO, My Dreams

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